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Our customers are civilians, professional and seasonal hunters, law enforcement professionals, gun collectors and enthusiasts from all around the southeast.  Customers experiencing problems when firing their weapons turn to us for inspections and repairs. We also perform regular gun cleaning and maintenance, scope mounting, gun restoration, refinishing and dipping.


We deliver quick turnaround times and our services are highly personalized to fit each customer’s needs and desires. We are able to provide gun services and repairs at competitive prices that along with our focus on the highest standards of quality and customer service - result in long-term relationships with customers.


We have a well-equipped shop and keep up with the firearm technology. All services include pre- and post-service test firing to ensure optimal gun performance. From pistols to high power rifles and from antique family heirlooms, at The IronHorse Gunworks, our work is our passion and we take pride in being the very best at what we do.


Gun Bluing is subject to price change depending upon condition of the gun, and how polished the blue job. Call for details

Long Guns  $150.00 to $175.00

Pistols  $125.00


Stock refinishing is subject to price change depending on condition of the stock, also depending upon the condition the wood and it needs to be pinned an epoxy  for splits or crackes . Call for details

Wood Stock Refinishing:  $75.00 to $160.00


Shop Rates are $50.00 per hour. Does not include parts and machine work


We can get many unique and obsolete parts for your gun, including accessories you may need.


We buy, sale and trade on new and used guns and ammo.

If you have gun parts you don't need we will buy your old parts from you.



The Process

for Shipping Guns


1 First you obtain a quote by emailing or calling us with information about your firearm and the services you are interested in.


2. Remove the stock and forearm of the gun


3. Box the gun for shipping in an un-marked package.


4. We receive your gun, photograph it and log it in to our system for processing based on your quote.


5. Your gun is disassembled, cleaned any Gunsmith work

or prepped for processing of

Bluing or Dipping.


6. We Blue or Parkerize your weapon to the original Manufacturers Specifications re-establishing the beauty of the steel.


7. Your gun is then reassembled and properly oiled.


8. Then we ship the gun back to you in a safe unmarked package.



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